Chris Collier and his wife traveling in Italy.

Chris Collier and his wife, Stephanie, traveling in Italy.

The Tiki Pirate is founded and operated by Christopher Collier.

When he’s not surfing the internet for work or designing websites, Chris enjoys riding and building his motorcycles, riding mountain bikes, smoking meat in his backyard, doing home renovation projects, snowboarding, and traveling the world.

Chris resides in Pasco, WA with his wife and sons.

Job Experience

Chris is the resident Search Engine Strategist for Vivid Learning Systems, an HSI company, and has been for the past 13 years.

In his duties as the Search Engine Strategist, he’s responsible for keeping up with changing search engine algorithms, evaluating customers’ search habits, and developing marketing strategies that will help web sites rank well among their competitors.

In addition, he is in charge of managing Vivid and HSI’s ad campaigns for Google Ads. He’s responsible for running efficient and effective campaigns that bring in marketing qualified leads and transactional sales for their online products and brand awareness for new products coming on the market.

Chris has also been developing websites for over ten years and helping companies with their branding and graphic design.

His expertise in search engine optimization helps him create user-friendly websites designed with the end-user in mind.


Chris earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from the Carson School of Business at Washington State University’s Pullman, WA campus in December of 2005.

In addition to his Marketing degree, he also has a minor in Sociology.


In order to become effective and the resident expert, Chris is certified in Google Ads from Google.

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